Vandal-ism, Rue Edouard Manet Paris 13
Wallcanvas, Tribute to Lucio Fontana


Evgeny Lushpin


Laura Span: Pills

Prozac, Thorazine, Zoloft


hand latch-hooked rug, canvas, polyester filling

24H x 48W x 48D inches installed | 11H x 36W x 11D inches each

Prozac, Thorazine, Zoloft is a group of hand latch-hooked pillows. These soft, oversized anti-psychotics and anti-depressants provide a different kind of comfort than their prescription counterparts. The time consuming nature of the latch-hook process provides a sufficiently mind-numbing effect. Latch-hooking is a simple but tedious craft that has traditionally been used to depict idealized and romanticized images from domesticity and nature.


if u don’t think van gogh is cool consider the fact that he painted a COOL SKELETON


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Ryan Pickart

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Martine Johanna Pantings


The new paintings and illustrations of Amsterdam based artist Martine Johanna are a surreal mix between fantasy and fashion. Beautiful!
“My very first obsession was for high fashion, folk & ethnic clothing and couture throughout the years, from a young age scrimmaging trough my mother’s closet, shoes and make up. Even though the small village I grew up in did not accept outsider behavior, my imagination never crumbled. Exhaling my emotions in drawing, painting, dancing and creative outbursts. Music and music videos were one of my first loves, I wanted to be a dancer for a long time. Instead, at 19 I went to study art & fashion, obtained a masters degree, became a fashion designer and finally in 2008 fully returned to painting and drawing. I’m still working hard to develop not only my skills technically but also to stay creative over-all. I also teach at the university of Amsterdam, do visual forecastings for big agencies and style fashion shows.” - Martine Johanna

Paintings by artist Martine Johanna, from her solo show “The Grand Illusion of Sanity” which is up right now at Walls Gallery in Amsterdam.

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Ryan Salge. 2014.

graphite on paper



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