Floral dressed

Artist Lim Zhi Wei, aka @lovelimzy discovered her talent for mixed material art, while she was trying to make a very special birthday gift for her grandmother. “I pressed some rose petals and made her a bookmark with a painted girl wearing a petal dress,” explained Wei. “That’s how the floral works started.”

Wei’s elegant compositions are always depicting the delicate shape of the female body, which she draws with watercolor, beautifully blended together with flower petals from orchids, roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemum leaves.


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Jenny Morgan Paintings

Artist on Tumblr

Jenny Morgan is a professional artist working mainly in pastel and taking commissions in all subjects but specialising in portraiture.

If a face to face sitting is not possible through time or distance then Jenny can paint from any clear photograph. This enables her to capture the look and character of the subject from an image that has been chosen especially by each client. By simplifying the sitting in this way it offers the chance for anyone to own a beautiful personal piece of art work, and makes a unique gift for a person who ‘has everything’.


Alexa Meade,Submerges Her Subject in a Pool of Milk

In collaboration with Sheila Vand, Alexa Meade explores what happens when the canvas becomes a pool of cream. Mixing borders, expressive artists compose an identity for each image.
The artist Alexa Meade has invented a technique of painting on the surfaces of objects, people and architectural spaces to optically compress 3D space in a 2D plane. It is known for its "tableaux vivants", where the bodies of his subjects become the canvas. Since 2012, she collaborated with the actress Sheila Vand performance on a range of projects covering various media.
In the spirit of artistic recreation, “MILK”: what will you make of me? Is their first album together. The work explores the fluidity of form over time and space.


The Shape of Ideas




Yuri Konstantinov


Erica Elan Ciganek

on  Facebook,Flickr, Saatchi Art

Erica Elan Ciganek is a graduate of North Park University where she majored in both Art and Conflict Transformation (Class of ’13). She took her first painting class senior year of high school, and has, with great interest, participated as this passion grew. She works mainly in the medium of oil paint, but is simultaneously interested in film photography, music, and drawing.

  1. Chantal Acrylic on Board 8X8
  2. Just One , Oil paint on wood panel approximately 8in X 8in
  3. Laura Charcoal on Paper
  4. Untitled Oil Painting on wood board. Approximately 6X11
  5. Leslie II Oil Paint on MDF 2’X3’
  6. Befitting,Oil painting on Baltic Birch Plywood, 40”X30”
  7. Grow, Oil paint on MDF 2’X3
  8. Laura, Oil paint on woodblock about 4X5.5